Bullet Journal

•Happy July 1st! I hope you like the new Tanabata theme for this month, because I had so much fun making it!•✨🎊🎋🥰

•Plan with me | This month I want to celebrate my own country: Italy! Which cities have you visited? What’s your favorite one?•🍕🍝🎭🥰

•Here’s my May Bujo Setup: the theme is “The world of art”. What’s your favorite artist/artwork?•🪷🎨☺️✨

•It’s time for the April Bujo Setup video! The theme is cottage core.  I hope you like it!•🪷🍄🌿☀️

•Are you ready for spring?•🌸🌿☀️
•I’ve been waiting since the end of January and I can’t wait to see Monstadt decorated for the Windblum Festival again!•

•Are you ready for the Lantern Rite? I think it’s one of my favorite events on @genshinimpact and really can’t wait to see Liyue full of lights and decorations!•🐯👘🏮✨

•Hi everyone! I finally had time to make my January spread and I’m so happy with the result! Every year I use the starry/acomaf theme for my birthday month and I just can’t help it, because the acotar serie has been my refuge over the past few years•💫🏔🌌✨

•Hello everyone! It’s already time to set up the very last month of 2021. I hope this festive spread will get you in the holiday spirit!•🎄☃️🎁✨

•Here’s my November 2021 bujo setup! The theme of the month is Magical Dark Academia! Hope you enjoy it!•🦉📚🍂✨

•Are you ready for spooky season? Here’s my new October Bujo Setup: I hope you like it!•🎃👻🧡✨

•Here’s my september 2021 bullet journal setup! I can’t wait for fall!•🥰🍁🍂

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